No, They Never Found Me.

The disappearance of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca

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August 18, 1936, during the tumult of the Spanish Civil War, the Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca disappeared. Most believe he was assassinated by Francisco Franco’s fascist forces and buried somewhere outside the town of Alfacar, near Granada. His body has never been found.

Scholars are split over the motives behind his assassination. Some say he was killed because of his socialist views; others, because of his homosexuality.

Poets are often prophets. In 1929, Lorca wrote:

Then I realized I had been murdered.

They looked for me in cafes, cemeteries and churches

They opened the wine casks and wardrobes

They ravaged three skeletons to gouge out the gold of their teeth.

But they did not find me.

They never found me?

No. They never found me.

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