Reasonable Doubt

The law says yes. My experience says otherwise.

Illustration: Anthony Gerace

O, my greatest enemy and benefactor in the whole world is this dumb-hearted mother, this America, in whose iron loins I have been spiritually conceived… But alas, our spiritual Mother devours, like a cat, her own children.

—Ameen Rihani, 1911

Inside the Bay Area’s craziest secret underground parties

Illustrations: James Clapham


I’d never considered a future where a pod was out of reach. Moving to Barcelona changed that.

Photo by Ashham M on Unsplash

Future Human

This software engineer let an algorithm pick where he lives, what he does—even what tattoo to get. Is he onto something?

Hawkins’ Random Place to Live program sent him to areas of Slovenia, Japan, India, Taiwan, and Dubai. He’s pictured here in Essen, Germany.

The Arab Spring brought my father back to America, and LSD helped us make up for lost time

My father, left, and me during an LSD trip in Willard Park, Berkeley.

Owned by one of America’s richest families, Millbrook hosted Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Mingus and more

Billy Hitchcock’s country estate in Millbrook, New York, was occupied by Timothy Leary and his followers during much of 1967. (Alvis Upitis/Getty Images)

Buffett’s wager is a lesson in taking the Long View

This year, Warren Buffett won his multi-million dollar, decade-long Long Bet.

Urbano Monte’s planisphere was centuries ahead of its time

Urbano Monte’s planisphere, digitally stitched together. Source: Rumsey Map Center

Xavier Dphrepaulezz’s triumph is the feel-good story we need to hear

Photo by Roberto Finizio/NurPhoto/Getty

The art of Alicia Eggert makes time tangible

It is Time” (02020)¹ by Alicia Eggert in collaboration with David Moinina Sengeh. The neon sign was commissioned by TED and Fine Acts for TED Countdown, and driven around Dallas, Texas on October 10th, 02020 to generate action around climate change. Photo by Vision & Verve.

I. Time

Ahmed Kabil

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